What Are the Top New Esports Betting Games?

eSports player in black and green overalls enjoys a victory in a tournament

In the realm of esports betting, it is crucial to monitor the emergence of new games that are gaining traction in the industry.In Manu88 the realm of esports betting, it is crucial to monitor the emergence of new games that are gaining traction in the industry.

Games like Valorant, known for its strategic depth, and Rocket League, offering adrenaline-fueled action, are reshaping the landscape and providing fresh opportunities for bettors seeking novel challenges.

With the esports industry expanding rapidly, exploring these top new games could unveil promising betting possibilities and help bettors stay informed and competitive in this evolving field.

League of Legends

For those interested in exploring esports betting, League of Legends is a prominent title worth considering. With a large and dedicated player base, the game’s competitive environment offers an engaging betting experience. Bettors can place wagers on various aspects of the game, including match outcomes and in-game events.

The strategic complexity and ever-changing meta of League of Legends create a dynamic and unpredictable betting landscape. Major tournaments like the World Championship draw in millions of viewers globally, underscoring the game’s popularity in the realm of esports betting.

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to esports gambling, League of Legends presents numerous opportunities to partake in the esports scene and potentially capitalize on your predictions.

Dota 2

Explore Dota 2 for an engaging esports betting experience characterized by its competitive gameplay and dedicated community. As a prominent multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Dota 2 features intense matches where two teams of five players strive to destroy each other’s ancient building. The game’s strategic depth and evolving meta create unpredictable and exciting matchups for players and viewers alike.

Dota 2 boasts a thriving esports scene, drawing top teams worldwide to compete in tournaments, offering ample betting opportunities. From prestigious events like The International to regional competitions, Dota 2 presents a diverse range of betting options for fans seeking to enhance their viewing experience.


Valorant, developed by Riot Games, is a popular tactical first-person shooter within the esports betting community. The game combines precise gunplay with unique agent abilities, creating a competitive environment.

With strategic depth and fast-paced gameplay, Valorant emphasizes teamwork, making it appealing to players and spectators in the esports sector. The game’s growing competitive scene and regular tournaments offer opportunities for esports betting enthusiasts to wager on teams and players.

Valorant’s blend of gun mechanics and strategic elements adds complexity to esports betting, attracting a diverse audience seeking skillful gameplay in the evolving esports landscape.

Call of Duty

Looking for a popular title in the esports betting realm? Look no further than Call of Duty. Known for its longstanding presence in the gaming industry, Call of Duty attracts a dedicated fan base that actively participates in esports betting due to its dynamic gameplay and competitive matches.

The game’s fast-paced action and strategic elements make it a favorite among both players and spectators. With a variety of game modes and maps, each match offers new betting opportunities and intense moments.

Whether engaging in the classic multiplayer mode or the widely popular battle royale variant, Call of Duty provides diverse betting options for fans seeking to enhance their viewing experience. Dive into the world of esports betting with Call of Duty.


Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter game that has become popular in the esports community for its fast-paced action and strategic gameplay. The Overwatch League, the game’s professional competition, showcases top teams from various regions in intense matches.

Betting on Overwatch matches can enhance the viewing experience for fans as they track the performances of their favorite teams and players. Analyzing the current meta, team compositions, and individual player skills can help bettors make informed decisions.

Overwatch’s diverse roster of heroes and dynamic gameplay offer a unique and engaging experience for both players and spectators, making it a compelling option for esports betting enthusiasts.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a popular first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft known for its tactical gameplay and emphasis on teamwork and strategy.

With a diverse selection of operators, each with unique abilities and roles, the game offers depth and complexity for players and spectators.

The competitive scene for Rainbow Six Siege has garnered a dedicated following in the esports community due to its fast-paced rounds and dynamic gameplay.

The strategic elements of the game make it an engaging choice for both players and viewers interested in esports betting.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a popular esports game known for its high-speed gameplay and unique blend of soccer and vehicular acrobatics. Players control rocket-powered cars to score goals against the opposing team, requiring a combination of skill and strategy.

The game’s straightforward concept and challenging gameplay have attracted a dedicated following in the esports community. Rocket League’s competitive nature and fast-paced matches make it a compelling choice for both players and spectators interested in the esports scene.

With its emphasis on teamwork and precision, Rocket League offers an engaging and competitive environment for esports enthusiasts to enjoy.


PUBG has established a significant presence in the realm of esports betting due to its popularity and engaging battle royale gameplay. The game’s emphasis on realistic visuals and strategic decision-making has garnered a strong following among players and spectators alike.

PUBG’s core concept involves players parachuting onto an island, gathering resources, and engaging in combat until only one individual or team emerges victorious, creating a tense and competitive atmosphere. The esports scene for PUBG has seen substantial growth, attracting skilled professionals and teams from various regions to compete in prestigious tournaments.

Betting on PUBG matches enhances the viewer experience by adding an additional layer of engagement and excitement for fans looking to participate in the competitive aspect of the game.


The popularity of battle royale games in the esports betting industry has brought Fortnite to the forefront, attracting a significant following of players and viewers alike. Known for its fast-paced gameplay, innovative building mechanics, and frequent updates, Fortnite has captured the interest of gamers globally.

The competitive environment in Fortnite tournaments has fostered a thriving betting community, with enthusiasts eager to place bets on their preferred players and teams. The game’s availability on multiple platforms and its ever-changing gameplay dynamics maintain high levels of excitement for both casual gamers and professional esports participants.

Whether engaging in casual play or closely monitoring the competitive circuit, Fortnite has made a notable impact on esports betting, offering an engaging and dynamic experience for all participants.


To sum up, the top new esports betting games offer a variety of options for fans and bettors to enjoy. From the tactical gameplay of Valorant to the fast-paced action of PUBG and Fortnite, these games provide exciting opportunities for wagering on competitive gaming.

Whether you prefer MOBAs, first-person shooters, or sports-inspired titles, the world of esports betting has something for everyone to enjoy. So, pick your favorite game and start placing your bets for a thrilling gaming experience.